no help for that

Parks in the cities were created to mold and organize nature; they are imposed a shape, a direction and their development is controlled.

Likewise, family and the need of belonging to it, cancels some of our desires. Family ties pull us and undress us at their mercy.

Family is the first small society that we get to know. In it we grow and love for the first time. We will always have a small fight in defining our space in it, in order to show ourselves as individuals inside a group.

This project talks about that search and that empty space we want to fill.

I walk down those completely symmetrical corridors where everything calls one to order and apparently nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. But suddenly, there is a slight movement among the bushes.

I begin to photograph the areas where 'Crossing' takes place in Retiro park, where instinct and the looks dictate an instant and furtive meeting, leaving a halo of emptiness afterwards.

An emptiness that connects us all, which sometimes we look for in our own roots and family. That emptiness that not even they are able to fill.