Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1976 (currently based in Spain).Photographer. Her work has been exhibited in both national and international festivals. She writes, co-protagonizes and carries out her own projects, such as Crossed zones which received the Special prize by the jury of BAF grants (Becas Ángel de Fotografía)

At this time she, along with five more photographers, have published “Todas Direcciones” (All directions), which is distributed at bookstores throughout Spain, France and England and it is in process of publication in three more countries as well. Recently, she was chosen for the ‘Graniti Murales’ artist residence in Sicily. Spending the summer 2016 working on the first part of my project ¨The third man¨.

Her photography has been published in: Harper’s, Yo Dona Magazine, XXL Weekly, Elephant Magazine, PSY, PSY Italy, La Fábrica Editorial, Finland Zoom Magazine, Lady Golf, Rolling Stone, Ser Padres Magazine, etc…

Her artwork is represented by the British agency Millenium Images.